Dirt Work

We Know Dirt and More!

Need to relevel or slope your yard or property for drainage?  Need to add dirt around your house, buildings or pool?  Need to build a pad for a mobile home, building or home?  Need your driveway prepared and/or finished with limestone, gravel or crush concrete?
We have the knowledge and the equipment to do it.  Our tractor has several implements for tilling, leveling and grading.  Our maneuverable Bobcat lets us get into smaller areas to do the job.  We use a laser level to reach the grade or slope needed to properly drain your property.  Our dump trailer allows us to move smaller amounts of dirt around if needed.
We can give you an estimate of materials needed as well as the amount of work needed to complete your project.  We can give you a suggestion of materials to use to complete your project in the most cost effective way.
You will need to obtain the proper permits for the job.  To keep your costs low, we do not provide materials for the job.  We do have a list of suppliers that we are familiar with and are happy to provide it for you.