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Our Prices

We have listed below our standard prices. Because each job is different and has different requirements your best bet is to take advantage of our offer to give you a free estimate on your job total. Our rates are for our tractor/bobcat or equipment work. We do not furnish gravel, dirt, limestone, sod, seed, fertilizer or similar items for the job.

Tractor/Bobcat Work - $70.00 per hour

Tractor/Bobcat work includes brush hogging, tilling, dirt moving or leveling, driveway work,         garden tilling, food plots or travel lanes.

Lawn Mowing/Trimming/Power Washing/Concrete Cleaning - Call for Estimate

Mowing and trimming includes residential type lawns or lots with average trimming time.
        Tree trimming is provided up to 10 feet off the ground.

Power Washing and Concrete Cleaning depends on the size of the job.

Stand By Rate - $20.00 per hour

This is the rate we charge if we are on call or arrive on the job site and the material has not         been delivered.

Mileage - $0.54 per mile

There is NO mileage charge within a 60 mile radius of Breaux Bridge.

What we do not provide:

We require written permission from land owners to perform work.

We are happy to spend the time discussing your job and needs
to make you happy as each job is unique and individual in it’s needs.

are always


Exceptional Value

We believe our prices are reasonable and affordable.  

Knowledge and Experience

We can get your job
done affordably.