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Dirt Work

With our reliable equipment and laser level we are able to level your lawn, lot, property, mobile home pad, or building pad or grade it with a slope to allow water to drain.  Our maneuverable bobcat makes leveling and spreading dirt a breeze and our tractor is equipped with a large loader and we have several box blade attachments.  Our new dump trailer makes it easy to bring mulch to build your flower beds!

We will give you an estimate of how much material (if any) will be needed to complete the job (fill dirt, limestone, rock etc.).  We do not supply the materials and if you don’t have a source we can recommend that we have used before.  

We will be happy to visit the job site and walk it with you and give you a scope of our work we will perform and a timeline to complete the job.

We invite you to view the pictures below to see some of our jobs!

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We have
added a
Bobcat to our

Mobile Home Pad

We now have a dump trailer!

Driveway Repair After Winter Rains

Maxies Tractor and Dirt Work Dump Trailer

Working on a Trailer Pad